Our goal is not just to be on the first line of the world’s best IVF practices , but also to strengthen them with innovations and research, thus creating the new contemporary model of IVF management.

Let me introduce You the “iassistingnature” , one of the world’s first Paperless IVF Clinics.
Don’t think twice just go ahead and enter safely with us into the digital world.

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In the modern times we are living through, we cannot remain indifferent to the destruction of our natural environment . It’a a priority and neccesity at the same time to reduce the environmental burden and improve our clinical practice while stop using paper in the clinic and indulge to the digital world. We need to think green and encourage trends which are environmentally friendly.]

Write, save and email documents, receipts and invoices rather than print them. Fax directly from your computer to avoid printing. Make all patient forms downloadable from your website to prevent overprinting. Encourage communications by email, read email messages on screen instead of printing and manage clinics while using web based applications. We need to promote a paperless culture, but transitioning from paper to electronic health records is a long and painful process.

At Assisting Nature IVF we have been striving to create an entirely
paperless practice not only to assist reproduction but ultimately our planet.

So how does an electronic system affect our patients? Firstly the patient can choose the option of an electronic early preregistration downloading a patient history form from our website and sent it back before coming to the clinic. This makes it possible to prepare before all electronic files. Then at the first visits the patient will receive a personal IVF Witness card linking all the medical data to the patient ID. After the first visit the personalised treatment plan is automatically emailed to the patient. This includes guidelines on how to take the drugs and prepare for the procedures with links to videos or PDF documents. After finishing the treatment, the patient will receive a detailed report by email, e-signed by the doctor and the embryologist. The paperless option is increasingly popular with patients. The proportion of our couples who accept full digital management is at the level of 28%, and still rising day by day.

For the staff, the golden rule of modern management is centralised data collection and sharing of information between the staff. In collaboration with our IT partners- Cleodora LTD ,we join the procedure of developing a state of art database and IVF management program, called BEBE. BEBE is based on the FileMaker database and enables easy access from any computer or internet-enabled device. According to their access rights, users can access all the functionalities of the application, including an advanced mode with statistics, yearly registries and results. Detailed records for each patient are emailed every day from the laboratory to the doctor in charge of that patient. Our paperless data management system means we can observe the progress of all treatments and stimulations remotely, and we can synchronize schedules in real time. Because we have gone paperless, we have transferred the quality control and quality management to the network.The basic quality parameters, analyses and trends are available at any time to the Quality Manager and all authorized staff. The system also logs and tracks all laboratory supplies. By linking and analyzing data, we can closely monitor every individual patient, and we have the ability to analyze the effectiveness of our protocols, or of staff members, so we can identify areas of weaknesses or develop strengths, and in this way we can constantly improve our outcomes.

Our digital non conformities monitoring process is one of the most important part of the Quality Management System and evoked the creative revolution in the Unit.The online, real time, non-conformities module provides transparency and freedom of expressing thoughts and easiness in proposing one’s own and new ideas. Our staff starting from the malcontent of QMS were finishing with enthusiastic support and huge satisfaction that all problems will be read, discussed and solved. Our Non conformities on line Module allows incredible synchronization and all staff information about corrective actions taken.

Think Ahead with iassistingnature IVF , the new generation of modern , hellenic biotechnology companies. Stay with us in the frontline of innovations and progress.