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Information for our international patients

While checking feedback from patients who have already been treated in Assisting Nature IVF & Genetics, most, if not all, would tell you that we are motivated in what we do, well organised and that the entire process is comfortable, easy and stress free. The core of our success lies in our commitment to being as accessible and affable as possible. Our International Coordinator and her team is all the time available from anywhere.

The best way to access us is by email at international@assistingnature.gr or using our call centre at +30 2310 424294. Regardless of the communication means, our international office will respond promptly to your requests arranging Skype or FaceTime consultation.

During the initial conversation with the team of our International Office you can be informed about important issues such as:

  • What is the success rates of the IVF and IVF with Donor Eggs program at Assisting Nature IVF and Genetics?
  •  How many times and for how long will you have to come to the Clinic?
  • How to arrange your flies and accommodation?
  • and many others (Customer service & communications, Treatment costs, Doctors experience, Recommendations and Quality proved by certificates).

Finally, the first consultation with the Doctor will be arranged after filling out our two downloable forms that allow electronic pre-registration.

During the primary Skype/ FaceTime consultation with one of our’s Reproductive Gynaecology Specialists you will discuss the medical/reproductive history and additional tests or procedures if needed. After 3 working days the personalized treatment plan will be automatically e-mailed to you. This includes therapy schedule as well as guidelines on how to take the drugs and be prepared for procedures, with links to videos and PDF documents. You will be informed about the monitoring group staff that you will be in contact during your treatment.

  • The same day you will receive an e-mail or a Skype/ FaceTime call from International Office staff explaining all the relevant logistical and financial considerations relating to IVF Treatment at Assisting Nature IVF and Genetics.
  • After your confirmation, your Doctor with the Midwife Coordinator will finalize the therapeutic strategy, the therapeutic protocol best suited for you and then will generate detailed monitoring calendar and treatment schedule for you.
  • The program will be send by email or directly into your iCal.
  • During your treatment you will be under the supervision of your monitoring group which include one of our Reproductive Gynaecology Specialist Doctor, Fertility Midwife Coordinator and International Patient’s Personal Assistant. You will be provided with mobile phone numbers of all dedicated staff and we encourage you to contact us with any medical issues at any time.

In case of egg donation we suggest initial visit in our clinic for 1-2 days to meet the Team, check our infrastructure, facilities and if needed to proceed with your partner’s sperm freezing.
During the Luteal phase it is possible to be prepared at home under our supervision with your locally own primary care Gynaecologist. So, in this case the neccessary period to stay in Greece would be very short (2 to 3 days ). On the other hand we have a perfect climate here, warm sea until late autumn, beautiful attractions and resorts 50-70 km from the clinic and Thessaloniki is a very beautiful city, with many attractions to visit.
Take into consideration the idea of Fertility Vacation in Greece. It’s very easy to arrange it and maybe an attractive option for you.