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Assisting Nature College of Reproduction- Educational hands-on workshops


Assisting Nature College of Reproduction was founded to promote knowledge and specialization in the field of ART.

Assisting Nature College of Reproduction in collaboration with Assisting Nature and its huighly specialized team organised the first two educational hands-on workshops. The topics of the seminar emphasised on the ovarian stimulation and the evolution of assisted reproduction.

It was an honour for us, in Assisting Nature, too host in our premises doctors from Middle East. 32 gynaecologists, specialized in reproduction, attended operational and lab procedures and were informed about the new protocols of ovarian stimulation.

The fact that our unit was chosen by colleagues from all over the world, distinguishes Assisting Nature from the others and it is an honor – as well as a motive- to achieve our goals in founding
Assisting Nature College of Reproduction.