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IVF During the Time of the Coronavirus


The issue of in vitro fertilization during the time of the coronavirus was discussed in the show “Koinonia Ora MEGA” by Mr. Vangelis Papanikolaou, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Human Reproduction at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH).

According to Mr. Papanikolaou, there are three main issues concerning couples: to what extent a possible coronavirus infection during the process can affect the outcome of in vitro fertilization, what complications might arise for pregnant women and embryos if the woman becomes infected during pregnancy, and finally, whether these women should receive the vaccine.

He addressed the current situation in Greece and the process that is currently followed. He emphasized that the fear of the coronavirus should not be a hindrance for couples desiring to undergo the procedure. According to the data he mentioned, in the last few months, starting from September onwards, it appears that the coronavirus is not preventing Greek women from pursuing in vitro fertilization.

Regarding the start of COVID-19 vaccinations in the country, he emphasized that we are reaching the end of the tunnel, and very soon we will get our lives back.

Source: www.megatv.com