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Sperm-DNA Fragmentation

Sperm-DNA Fragmentation

The DFI test (DNA Fragmentation Index) can calculate the percentage of the fragmentation of the DNA of spermatozoa. Fragmentation, which is the breakage of the DNA, has been the subject of many studies and has been associated with poor embryonic development, reduced implantation and pregnancy rates and miscarriages, especially when fragmentation rates exceed the 30% threshold.

DNA fragmentation usually occurs in spermatozoa with low mobility and poor morphology. However, high rates have also been observed in normal sperm samples, fact that links DNA fragmentation of spermatozoa with cases of unexplained infertility.

Fragmentation can be caused by various exogenous factors, such as exposure to environmental and toxic substances, smoking, man age, exposure to high temperatures, chemotherapy, etc., as well as endogenous factors during spermatogenesis.

DFI test is recommended to men with abnormal sperm analysis, couples with recurrent miscarriages and couples with poor quality embryos or no-blastocyst formation after IVF cycles.