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Chara Alatzopoulou |

Office Assistant


Chara has been in a medical background for almost eight years, and joined the Assisting Nature IVF team in 2017. With many years in the field of customer service, Chara is a compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable, and highly professional individual with excellent communication skills. She is well versed at walking new patients through the process of ‘’getting started’’ in a friendly, uncomplicated manner and has a wide passion for delivering the quality care patients.

Her customer service skills plays an invaluable role of providing front desk services in a fast paced environment ensuring that all queries are attended to us quickly as possible.

Her strong interest and genuine caring for our patients is heart-warming. She is responsible for administrative requests from the patients as well as for international patient communication relating to visa applications, recommended accommodation and etc. She is always available and more than happy to answer any related inquires.

Email: [email protected]