Sperm Collection Instructions

The appropriate abstinence days for observing or processing a sperm sample for use in assisted reproduction is 2 to 7 days. When setting the oocyte retrieval date, the husband should take into account the following:

1. 2-7 days of abstinence

2. On the sperm collection day, the husband should urinate and take good care of the genetic organs area hygiene (shower)

3. In the sperm collection room, the husband will be asked to give a semen sample to a sterilized urobox.
4. Before collecting the semen sample the husband should wash his hands and wipe them well.
5. Sample collection should be done with great care not to lose the first part of ejaculation, containing the largest amount of sperm (if part of the ejaculation is lost, this should be mentioned to the embryologist on sample delivery).
Inform your doctor or Assisting Nature’s staff if the husband:
• Had a problem with previous semen collections
• He is a smoker
• Takes medication
• He has hypertension or other health problems
• He had a recent feverish episode

It is forbidden to take large amounts of alcohol for at least 5 days prior to semen collection.
Have a Police ID with you or another official document for identification and the Insurance Book.

Sperm Collection at home or hotel
1. A sample may be collected at home in exceptional cases, such as failure to collect semen from masturbation in a clinic
2. The sample must be complete otherwise the embryologist shall be informed when delivering the sample for any loss of the sample.
3. The sample should be delivered within one hour of collection time.
4. When transferring the sample to the Assisting Nature IVF clinic, it should be maintained at a temperature of 20 – 37 ° C. For example, cover the urobox with cotton and aluminum foil trap and keep it in an inner pocket during transport.