Stella Stamataki |

Senior Midwife Coordinator


Stella Stamataki is a midwife that graduated from Technological Educational Institute, Department of Midewifery.

Since 2017 she has taken up duties as a midwife coordinator in Assisting Nature IVF.

She is the Operating Theatre supervisor.

She speaks english.



Scientific papers and assignments

  1. Timotheou E, Chartomatsidou T, Tatsi P, Katsoula E, Vlachou C, Stamataki S, Asouchidou I, Zafeiratis O, Najdecki R, Papanikolaou E. Cumulative Live Birth Rates (CLBR) in patients following Freeze-all policy are higher compared to patients who undergo fresh embryotransfer (ET) followed by frozen-thawed embryotransfers. ESHRE Annual Meeting, Vienna 2019 (poster presentation)