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Legal issues

For the woman who becomes pregnant on behalf of another woman a compensation is provided for covering the absence from work, which is necessary for the achievement of pregnancy, pregnancy, delivery and puerperium. If the pregnant woman works in a dependent employment relationship, compensation is due only if during the absence from work, she was not paid, for any reason, a salary or daily wages. The amount of the compensation results by solemn declaration of the pregnant woman, in which the time of absence from work and the loss of income are specified. If the pregnant woman is unemployed, the amount of the compensation covers the remuneration that, based on her professional training, she would have received if she was working. In any case, the compensation cannot exceed the amount of 10,000 euros. The compensation is due only if the judicial permission required by law has been granted (Government Gazette 670/ISSUE B/ 16-4-2008).

The Assisting Nature unit does not take part in any discussion or agreement between the two parties (surrogate candidate and intended parents). This agreement only involves the parents and the surrogate mother. Lasting Assisting Nature will not give you legal advice nor should you rely on Assisting Nature to give you legal advice. We encourage you to consult an attorney experienced in the field of assisted reproduction, if you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of this consent and agreement.