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What are the steps to complete the Surrogacy Treatment cycle?

The suitability of the surrogate as well as the intended parents for this procedure is determined by the fertility evaluation, medical suitability tests, psychological assessment, and other medical procedures, as defined by the Greek legislation or considered medically necessary by the attending physician.

Achieving a surrogate pregnancy presents a number of unique medical and legal issues that must be carefully considered. The potential Surrogate mother should be healthy, have a previous pregnancy and delivery and be free of infectious diseases.

The treatment cycle with a Surrogate mother is a process that follows the following 7 steps:

  1. Finding the surrogate mother by the couple
  2. Filling out an application to Assisting Nature’s surrogacy program
  3. Medical history and presentation of medical records from previous pregnancies, deliveries and previous IVF attempts.
  4. Medical evaluation of the surrogate mother and the parents
  5. Psychological assessment of the surrogate mother
  6. Court Decision & Completion of the legal contract between Parents and the Surrogate mother
  7. Treatment cycle coordination