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Starting the Treatment

We would like to inform you that our Unit operates according  to standards of Primary doctor-nurse model.

Each couple will be monitored throughout the course of treatment by a group:

  • responsible physician (qualified reproductive medicine specialist)
  • midwife coordinator
  • the patient’s personal assistant /secretary member.

You will have daily communication with each responsible for your case staff member, in order to coordinate all the necessary processes and medical treatments in  Assisting Nature Unit.

Each client and each partner have the opportunity to choose the responsible Reproductive Specialist of our unit, otherwise the first available person will be suggested.

The course of treatment at our Unit starts with a telephone call (0030-2310-424294) or a personal visit. The average delay for the first visit may vary from 2 days until 2 weeks. The first meeting with the doctor lasts one hour. During the visit, the doctor collects the medical history, performs gynaecological examination, ultrasound scan of female pelvic organs, assesses the ovarian reserve,  and analyses the results of already performed tests. A woman can be at any day of the cycle, but after menstruation. At he same visit he evaluates the quality of the sperm of the husband. In case that the husband has never underwent a sperm evaluation, we can offer him a detailed sperm analysis at our andrology laboratory.

Please accept the following conditions:

For your comfort and safety during the treatment you will be able to maintain constant communication with your coordinator (midwife coordinator) or your personal assistant (secretary member). In case your questions or problems are not resolved by the above personnel your doctor will be notified and  consultation will be provided. In order to maintain the best possible customer service and serve as many clients possible please prepare your questions and test results before contacting the doctor. You are able to download (Demographics / Patient’s Medical History) forms from our website which You can fill from Your house. Register of personal data in according to EU & National Data Protection Authorities.


In the situation where you do not expect an immediate response, please send a message to the coordinator using the contact form on our website. Please enter the name of the attending physician, your personal information and describe your case. In addition, you can inform us about your test results or raise a query. You should receive an answer within three (3) working days (Please make sure the return address is correct).


The laboratory results are sent to the doctor who informs the patient. The results can be provided directly to the client upon request. During each visit, patients should have an official document that allows the validation of data, such as passport, identity card, driving license.

Embryology Department

The Head of Embryology Department is responsible for  the coordination of all laboratory processes  as well as egg, embryos and semen banking. A communication with our Embryologists for embryological consultation and other information is available upon request . (Please contact Your coordinator or personal assistant). 

Psychological support during treatment

The implications on the life of individuals and couples who embark on fertility treatment are several and vary from dealing with challenging emotions to relationship difficult and health concerns. Depending on the chosen method of fertility treatment and the stage of treatment, treatment can be quite challenging both physically and psychologically. Hormone therapy for instance can affect mental health and in turn behaviour. Stress levels during this treatment period are bound to be up and therefore emotional balance could be disturbed. individual psychological counselling may be necessary in order to process different negative emotions and come to terms with the demands of what is involved in fertility treatment.

More often than not, psychological counselling is recommended before, during and after fertility treatment. Whenever you need support, our experienced Counselling Psychologists are available and here to help, providing specialist and confidential services including:

  • pre-treatment counselling
  • one-to-one supportive counselling
  • couples counselling
  • support groups (single mothers, egg donors, couples)
  • seminars and workshops


Individuals and couples preparing for IVF are encouraged to use their free half-hour session. The sessions aims at:

  • preparing you for the in vitro process by exploring related implications
  • dealing with emotional impact of the treatment
  • discuss relationship issues that may surface due to the treatment or that may have a negative impact on your treatment
  • coping with unsuccessful treatment attempts
  • exploring the possibility of pregnancy loss


As a patient, you can access our psychological counselling services at any time during your treatment. Further sessions with our Psychologists aim at:

  • enhancing your communication skills with family and significant others
  • dealing with expectations and reactions of others
  • working on relationship issues that may surface due to the treatment or that may have a negative impact on your treatment
  • supporting you psychologically during diagnosis and fertility treatment
  • providing you anxiety management related to pregnancy and parenthood preparations


Furthermore, at Assisting Nature, our clients can benefit greatly from psychological seminars and workshops offered here at a regular basis. These seminars and workshops aim at:

  • dealing with the infertility experience which can be heart breaking
  • sharing your experience with other like-minded people and normalising your feelings of sadness, frustration, isolation and anger
  • managing emotional ups and downs due to uncertainty
  • boosting your self-esteem and maintaining a positive attitude
  • preparing prospective parents how to talk with children about their idiosyncratic fertility treatment
  • providing you valuable resources
  • empowering and supporting you

Please, contact our help desk for more information on our psychological services, to book an appointment with, or to secure a place for yourself or/and your partner at our next seminar.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is a key component in fertility and pregnancy. Ova, sperm, hormone levels and uterus should be healthy from the beginning to the end of a pregnancy. To achieve this, the continuous supply of nutrients is essential in all its stages.

What does a dietitian have to offer?

Nutritional education concerns men and women in order to improve the dietary habits and increase the couple’s fertility. It is very important that your body is at the best condition possible before starting the procedure of assisted fertilization, both to increase the chances of success to the maximum, and for the better development of the fetus afterwards. An organized, nutritional regimen can:

  • offer effective regulation of body weight
  • regulate reproductive hormones
  • cover nutritional needs and to replenish any possible nutritional deficiencies

The monitoring does not stop there though. Pregnant women often receive a lot of conflicting  information about what is permitted and what is forbidden to consume. The dietician can guide you throughout your pregnancy, avoiding any confusion, so that the weight you gain during your pregnancy may not be more or less than is necessary. This way, you achieve the healthy development of the fetus, without deficiencies, avoiding too big or too small birth weight while maintaining a good body image during pregnancy and after the birth.

Regardless of your original purpose, you and the dietitian can together create a dietary regimen that fits your needs, based purely on a scientific foundation for absolute certainty.

When to see a dietitian?

  • When your Body Mass Index (BMI) is either above or below the normal range, ie less than 18.5 or greater than 24.9. *
  • When there is a history of many, large fluctuations in your weight (due to disease, diet, hormonal disorders, etc.).
  • If you require advice on dietary supplements.
  • If you have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, thyroid disorders or diabetes.
  • If you think your diet does not cover all of your needs or is not balanced.

*BMI is the result of dividing your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters (BMI = weight / height2)


  • Individual appointments for education around the nutrition of fertility and pregnancy.
  • Individual appointments for assessing the nutritional status of the couple or one of the two partners.
  • Personal monitoring appointments for patients who follow a specific dietary regimen.
  • Workshops or group briefings on the issues of nutrition in fertility and pregnancy.
  • General nutritional monitoring to situations beyond reproduction such as high cholesterol, diabetes, weight management, hypertension, eating disorders, etc.

The recommended program is a year-long monitoring (three months before the conception and throughout pregnancy). This monitoring includes an appointment  for the assessment of the nutritional status of the couple and a first nutritional education, continuing with an appointment every fifteen – thirty days and weekly reminder mails of the dietary goals of the week.

Please, contact our help desk for more information on our nutritional counseling services, to book an appointment or to book a place for yourself or/and your partner at our next workshop.