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Egg Donation

Egg Donation

Assisting Nature IVF Clinic officially started in 2013 implementing the experience of many years of activity in the Field of Reproduction. We collected extremely talented people for every single position and created a world class Embryology Lab and Research Center. From the beginning of Assisting Nature, we knew and experienced that the In Vitro Fertilization treatment using donor eggs is a more complex and difficult process. While 2 women are treated at the same time, it is the donor patient that is young, healthy and innocent that takes a risk of all possible complications.

We are not a Unit with a mass egg production. Our concept is to offer you our donor with her eggs and not eggs of somebody.

After many years of experience in donation program we strongly support the idea of anonymity of donor and recipient patient. This model protects both parties while the IVF Unit holds the responsibility.

You can rely on our experience and devotion…

Information for our acceptor patients

While checking feedback from patients who have already been treated in Assisting Nature IVF & Genetics, most, if not all, would tell you that we are motivated in what we do, well organised and that the entire process is comfortable, easy and stress free. The core of our success lies in our commitment to being as accessible and affable as possible. Our International Coordinator and her team is all the time available from anywhere.

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Egg Donation Program

To become an egg donor is not an easy task. The treatment is time consuming, slightly physically uncomfortable and not entirely risk-free. In other words, egg donation requires substantial motivation and commitment on the part of the donor. For these reasons, donors who already have children are ideal candidates, as they experience motherhood and may offer the opportunity to less privileged couples to enjoy this ultimate gift.

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Egg Donation Packages

Responding to our patients’ need for egg donation, we offer the following innovative packages of our services:

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The Greek Law on Oocyte Donation

f you are interested in having an IVF treatment in Greece, below you will find a few helpful information you need to know as a couple.
The Greek legal framework for assisted reproduction services is one of the most progressive worldwide, establishing Greece as an ideal destination for women from abroad seeking treatment not available in their own country.

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How to become an egg donor

One of the most rewarding gifts that you can give is the gift of life. Assisting Nature IVF Unit’s Egg Donor program has been created specifically for that purpose and is here to facilitate the matching process between egg donors and recipient couples. Our donor coordinators work closely with donors, recipients, and medical staff to make sure that the process is smooth, confidential, and easy to understand. Some women feel the urge to help couples become parents through egg donation.

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