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By selecting the mission of your personal data, you consent to the collection and processing of your personal data in accordance with the following text.

Consent for Personal Data Collection

Taking into consideration all the regulatory requirements according to current legislation on personal data – EU Regulation 2016/679, I give my consent to Assisting Nature, located at 2 I. Kranidioti, Pylaia Thessaloniki.

  • For the recording, processing, and storage of my personal/medical data in the unit’s records, in its facilities, as described in Assisting Nature’s Data Protection Policy.

The collected data includes:

∗ Name and contact information. Your name and surname, your ID card/passport, email address, postal address, your phone numbers, and similar contact details. We may also collect your personal photos.

∗ Demographic information. We collect data regarding your age, gender, country, and language preference.

∗ Data from your medical history, examination results, diagnostic information, family medical history.

∗ Financial information. Your medical insurance capacity (and your AMKA number), possible private health coverage, potential provision or compensation from other sources.

  • For the transfer of my data among Assisting Nature employees and healthcare professionals collaborating with Assisting Nature in my treatment, while simultaneously protecting the identification of my details. Without further authorization, I allow the use of my personal data and the results of my examinations during the infertility treatment, where it is deemed mandatory for infertility treatment.
  • I wish for the examination results I conducted in a Diagnostic Laboratory to be sent to Assisting Nature’s email address, and I fully accept responsibility for the possible reading of them by third parties who may have access to the aforementioned email address in any way.
  • I consent to the use of my personal information for any communication and information, through electronic and printed correspondence, by telephone, through teleconferencing, and in person, regarding my treatment and its associated elements.
  • That personal data may be used or disclosed to third parties to satisfy the requirements:
  • For confidential external inspection by ISO certification bodies and licensing authorities.
  • For the collection of summaries, non-identifiable data for evaluation by the National Epidemiology and Statistics Authority at the University and the Assisted Reproduction Medical Authority.
  • Fully non-identifiable data summaries of Assisting Nature may be used for research and publication, as well as inclusion in the Central Register of the Assisted Reproduction Authority regarding sperm, egg, or embryo donation and the children resulting from these donations.
  • That students and doctors, as part of their thesis work or their clinical training, or while participating in clinical placements, may have access to your personal information for research, education, or training purposes.

Many doctors who treat patients at Assisting Nature also have private practices in other facilities. You should request to see their privacy policy regarding how they collect and handle your personal data. Assisting Nature bears no responsibility for the collection and handling of your personal data by collaborating referring doctors outside of Assisting Nature’s facilities.

Assisting Nature is committed to protecting the security and privacy of personal data. A range of security technologies, documented information system security policies, and procedures are used to safeguard personal data.

All collaborators with whom we may share personal data for the purpose of your comprehensive treatment are obliged to follow the requirements of European Regulation 2016/679 on personal data.

Assisting Nature IVF & Genetics collects and processes data to operate efficiently and provide you with the best reproductive medical services. All the data collected are crucial for our further work and contribute to the accuracy of the results and the identification (traceability) between the samples and the examinee.

Data is collected for specific, explicit, and legal purposes and is not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with these purposes.

If the client-patient does not wish to provide personal data that are considered necessary for the conduct of their treatment, ASSISTING NATURE cannot provide its services and will immediately inform the patient of the termination of the collaboration.

The retention period of the records is ten years.

The client-patient has the right to communicate in writing to ASSISTING NATURE for the modification, deletion, or restriction of their data.

We reserve the right to modify or change this Data Protection Policy at any time in accordance with applicable legislation.

Read the latest version of the Data Protection Statement in the About Us – Data Protection Statement section, or contact our clinic staff for the printed text.

For further clarifications, please contact our clinic staff.

The above information is confidential and intended for the exclusive use of the legal entity to which it is addressed. Assisting Nature complies with the provisions of European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) for the protection of sensitive personal data.

General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect since May 25, 2018, giving every individual greater control over their personal data.