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Oocyte Retrieval – Embryotransfer

Oocyte Retrieval

The day and time of oocyte pick up is programmed when the follicles reach the appropriate size (18-20mm). Oocyte collection is performed intervaginally with mild sedation and ultrasound monitoring. The method is short in duration and painless. On the same day, the husband’s semen is collected in a specially designed room (men’s room) for this purpose. The sample is prepared with appropriate culture media in order to be ready to be used for fertilisation. In cases of azoospermia testicular biopsy (TESE) or sperm donor selection is proposed.


The number of embryos to be transferred is decided by the treating physician and the embryologist, taking into account the age of the woman, embryo quality and her medical history. The embryos are selected for embryo transfer based on international criteria and their embryo transfer can take place between the 2nd and the 6th day of their culture. Embryo transfer is performed via a special catheter. The embryologist takes the selected embryos into the catheter in a minimum volume of culture medium. The gynaecologist inserts the catheter into the uterine cavity where he places the embryos under abdominal ultrasound guidance. After embryo transfer, the embryologist checks the catheter that all embryos were transferred.

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