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Lara Soues | MSc



Lara Soues is a certified psychologist and psychotherapist. She has been working in a private office in the center of Thessaloniki since 2003. She is a graduate of the Department of Psychology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education of the Democritus University of Thrace. She has a master’s degree in Psychology and Counseling of the University of Sheffield. She specialized and was certified in Cognitive-Analytical Psychotherapy (C.A.T) with one-year studies at the Medical Psychotherapeutic Center of Thessaloniki and 160 hours of supervised sessions.

She specialized and was certified in Systemic Psychotherapy at the Institute of Systemic Approach and Family Therapy of Thessaloniki with four-year studies and similar hours of supervision. She participated in seminars and workshops on the most popular methods of modern psychotherapy including Systemic Psychotherapy and C.A.T., Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Approach. In 2021 she completed an online Harvard University course in Bioethics, “The Law, Medicine and Ethics of Reproductive Technologies and Genetics”.

She has worked at the Thessaloniki Children’s Protection Society and in schools of intercultural education during her practice exercise. Worked as a teacher and school psychologist at the private school Philipos-Alexandros from 2002 to 2004. From 2003 to 2012 she collaborated with Makedonia TV and appeared in live tv shows and from 2012 to 2015 wrote for the monthly magazine Close Up. Her articles are hosted on sharewithlarasoues.gr and are constantly republished by related sites. She has organized a variety of speeches with psychotherapeutic themes and specialized costume made workshops for schools, associations, municipalities and corporations.

The subject matter includes corporate culture, corporate identity and ethics, the professional group dynamics, family and couples’ dynamics, the pandemic crisis, equality, the internet, school bullying, sexual education, fraternal relationships, adolescence, balanced nutrition, abuse etc. She has worked with private and public schools to inform parents and teachers about contemporary psychological issues.

Lara Soues is a member of the EFTA (European Family Therapy Association) since 2020.