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Jadwiga & Waldek

Yes, it is possible … Even, after so many years of effort.  I don’t remember the time when we wouldn’t try to have a baby … And it didn’t work out … A long time … We went through most of the in vitro clinics in Poland.  With many stimulations and many attempts also on natural cycles.  Unfortunately unsuccessful.  It’s hard to blame the doctors who are not responsible for that …. But it is absolutely certain to me that there is one doctor who is responsible for our happiness.  For being 15 weeks pregnant with our twins.  A doctor who assists nature with professionalism and openness, conducts the most difficult conversation  graced and full of optimism . Doctor Robert Najdecki, who made the entire in vitro process a beautiful experience for me, culminating in a huge success and true happiness.  Indeed, Dr. Robert made me remember what it’s like to be happy. He gave us as much time as we needed.  He was and still is a very close with us, not only as a doctor, but rather as a best friend.  In fact, in vitro can be pleasant, calm and happy ending. Even if something goes wrong for unexplained reasons, what matters? You have the doctor and the team who guides you firstly like a humans and then like a medical staff.  Without a terrible rush and five minutes in the office – that’s what we used to hear in one of the best Warsaw clinics.  During these five minutes we were forced to learn that we should verify our plans to be parents.  No particular justification.  It’s just that not everyone has to be parents – the Head of one of the Warsaw clinics told to us.
The place that Robert and Vangelis Papanikolaou created can hardly be called a clinic (according to Polish criteria).  The name itself took me in a kind of modesty and honesty.  Assisting Nature is simply full of fantastic people.  Doctors are surrounded by great assistants who want to be there and help.  Wonderful, full of good energy, completely natural, with a sense of humor and grace.   I clearly remember a call on Sunday morning from embryologist Petrula, during my procedure.  She has been calling every day  to say how my embryos are.  I’ve never had such a nice and cheerful conversations with an embryologist before.  Without stress but with fun and full of support.  Yes you can do it but you have to find the right people.  My full of energy fertility midwife, Fay reassured, “stop panicking, we will do it perfectly” when my menstruation late before hysteroscopy, and I was in panic about my tickets to Thessaloniki. I am full of admiration and respect for this team – because they want to do it, not because they have to.  All these people are parents of my success and I really admire it.

Thank you … Thank you so much.

As You could see all the roads led me to Greece 😁

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