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Svetlana & Stilianos

No words can describe our happiness and gratitude towards you .

We had a problem fertility issues for 10 years. We visited several clinics and each attempt was unsuccessful. In the end, we came to you. From day one, you gave us hope that we would become parents, even though the chances were minimal. With God’s help, even after only 5 months, from the first IVF attempt with you, I became pregnant. Today our boy is 3 months old. Many thanks to Dr. Papanicolaou, who told me during the first examination, we will do everything and you will have a baby. Many thanks also to the wonderful Dr. Foteini Chouliara, who provided me with great support and who, after the embryo transfer, in order to give me hope, which I did not have at the time, calculated in which month I would give birth. Her words came true. On my 43rd birthday, I received the greatest gift, our boy, and as all the doctors say, I dispelled all theories about the impossibility of pregnancy. I would also like to thank embryologist Evi Timotheou and all your wonderful staff.

And also a big thank you to the coordinator Dragana Trbojevic, who was available for me 24 hours a day, who controlled whether I was taking the therapy regularly and with whom I had the feeling that I was doing the procedure in my own country.

Thank you so much everyone!!!

Svetlana & Stilianos

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