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Personalized Fertility Treatment

Treatments start with a primary appointment referred to as the “initial meeting“ . This includes:

  • A meeting with the Centre’s Reproduction specialist, briefing on the services provided, and information concerning the medical and legal prerequisites for any of the provided infertility treatments.
  • An introductory meeting with the Embryologist and the Midwife Coordinator of the Center upon request.


The “Initial Meeting“ is offered free of charge. We inform you that since the couple is set on starting their treatment at Assisting Nature, and their medical file is complete, the initial meeting may advance to the second stage, “Chosing the appropriate IVF treatment ”, which includes:

  • Ultrasound check of the female reproductive organs
  • Definition and analysis of the infertility factors
  • Suggest any additional tests and/or procedures
  • Selection of an individualized method of infertility treatment
  • Suggest an Economic Therapy Package / Assisting Nature IVF PACKAGES® /
  • Complete the couple’s medical file and select the monitoring group


All couples are welcome to participate in afternoon sessions programmed to familiarize them with the area and the procedures, in workshops with our Psychologists, and consultative meetings with our Dietician. In each case the first meeting is free. If a Hysteroscopy investigation of the endometrial cavity, the “Advanced Office Hysteroscopy”, is considered necessary, it is planned at least one cycle before starting IVF procedure.

Our Centre offers a counseling session before starting an IVF treatment, with leading geneticists so as to inform the couple about the Pre-implantation Diagnosis advantages (PGS) and about the diagnostic method choices for any congenital or hereditary diseases that prospective parents may be carriers of.

Prior to beginning an IVF treatment, according to the existing legislation, both partners must be tested for:

  • Infectious diseases:HbsAg, anti-HIV, anti-HCV, VDRL (valid for 6 months)
  • Blood type / Rh / complete blood count.
  • The patient undergoing a procedure must have a recent HCG

Our Center can perform all of the tests mentioned above in PACKAGE OFFERS 7-9 / assisting nature IVF Packages / if the patients can’t or do not wish to use their health insurance. You can find, here Guidelines for Sperm Collection and here the required examinations and necessary documents for your infertility treatment.