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Dorota & Rafał

The clinic was recommended to us by friends. In a very enigmatic way, they said: “just call them – you will definitely be satisfied”. We had our doubts of course, first, whether if it was worth flying so far and second, whether we should have any expectations after 8 years of marriage and 6 years of unsuccessful attempts.

The first conversation with Dr Najdecki, in Polish, made it all clear. The only thing that was left for us to decide was whether we should fly to Greece 2-3 times for short periods or once for a longer period and how to organise it. They recommended their partner company firstclassgreece.com and reassured as, that “they will arrange everything for you”, and indeed they did. These young people quickly convinced us to the second option by saying “just take some time off and connect your treatment with holidays”. And so, we flew to Greece for almost three weeks.

The first surprise was already at Thessaloniki airport. Michael, from firstclassgreece.com greeted us with a big smile and two bottles of cold water. He drove us straight to the Clinic, a beautiful modern building in a nice neighborhood, we were really impressed. Tired from the trip we went inside and discovered that instead of a typical waiting room, we were offered coffee, bagels and pitas. Within 5 minutes the whole clinic came to meet us and say hello. So many names and cheerful faces made me feel like Princess Kate, not Dorota from Wroclaw. We were introduced to the medical group that was responsible for my treatment, arranged the details and then I had my first examination. After that the other doctor, Dr Papanikolau said to my husband “Well, now it is time for you to go to Chalkidiki for a few days, relax by the sea and try some good wine.

We chose Afitos, a beautiful village built of stone which resembled island scenery and despite the early season, was already full of tourists. We felt like we were on vacation and my mind was finally empty from stress. We stayed at a small private hotel with a pool and great cuisine. We visited the clinic two more times, Apostolis, the clinic’s taxi driver was always on time, waiting for us with a smile. The test results always came the same afternoon via e-mail, with detailed explanation and prescription schedule. In addition, Eleftheria, Senior Midwife Coordinator was always calling me and asking if everything was clear. Everything went well and when the time came for a pick up I already had a tan and could not wait for the process to be over so I could return to my pool. Everything was perfectly organised – I was asked to put my personal magnetic Ivf Witness card into the reader in the operating room – apparently, nothing works without a card. I have been to many clinics but I have never seen such a perfect environment.

The period of 5 days that we had to wait in order to find out whether the embryos are developing or not, has always been a nightmare for me, this time, however, it was a show. Every morning I received an email with a special assessment and photos of the embryos, SMS from my dedicated midwife Fei and finally Evi, the chief embryologist called and informed us that we had four wonderful blastocysts, “come tomorrow for the transfer” she said.  I will never forget what happened that next day.In the operating room, there was a large monitor and everything was live on it. I could see my own blastocysts, almost moving, and everyone was saying what beautiful babies will grow up. What really moved me was Dr Robert, who said, “Dorota, you are one of the few people in this world who saw their own blastocysts alive before implantation.” After the procedure, he said: “now you can feel deeply pregnant”. It was such a strong and convincing statement and I am extremely happy to say that tonight in cold Wroclaw I feel very very pregnant.


I have left the best for the end.

Yesterday, my husband Rafal came back from work earlier than usual. He brought a bottle of Greek wine saying that it was the wine that Dr Papanikolau recommended. Then he sat next to me and said: “You know my darling, Evi the embryologist said we might have girls so what would you say to give them names like Zoe and Aphrodite to celebrate this Greek experience. It was at this moment that I realized that I traveled to Greece full of disbelief and returned pregnant maybe with Aphrodite.

Dear Assisting Nature, you promised us fertility vacations, but you gave us a second honeymoon. I feel happy, appreciated, loved and pregnant. And all these thanks to you, thanks to the fact that I met such wonderful people without complexes, who do not have to prove to anyone that they know what they are doing. We were wondering with Rafał what was so extraordinary about you and what fascinated us so much. In addition to your great infrastructure, it was your warm, convincing, professional team of people who made us feel like we were the most important. We send you our most warm greetings and wish you further success.

Dorota and Rafał, Wrocław May 2017


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