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IVF Witness

RI Witness using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to track and record patient samples at each step of the ART process works as a safeguard and a reassurance for both the clinic and the patients.

At the same time, the system captures information regarding the cycle progress and operator actions, sending the data to a common server for patient records or collating it to provide a real time record of what is happening in the lab. With RFID technology, every ID is totally unique and cannot be misread since RI Witness readers and touch screens are installed at every work area, both inside and outside the lab, where patients or patient samples are treated. Self-adhesive RFID tags are available to fit containers such as Petri dishes or test tubes that contain patient samples.  These tags enable the readers to register the containers in the work area and monitor a patient’s identity at every stage of the treatment. The RI Witness system monitors every instance when gametes or embryos are transferred from one container to the next and ensures that only one patient can be worked on, at one workstation, at one time, safeguarding sample identity. If at any time, samples from incompatible patients are introduced into the same work area, RI Witness warns the lab personnel both visually and audibly. RI Witness takes away the uncertainty, giving increased confidence in the lab personnel and the couple.

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