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Paperless Clinic® Rules and Principles

We cannot remain indifferent to the destruction of our natural environment. Just one thing that we can and should do is to reduce the environmental burden, improve our clinical practice and at the same time stop using paper in the clinic and go digital. At Assisting Nature IVF Unit we have been striving to create an entirely paperless practice and promote a paperless culture.

  1. Booking the FIRST APPOINTMENT and electronic preregistration
    At iAssisting nature you can book the first appointment by e-mailing your request to [email protected] or using our call center. During the first call or e-mail response you will be informed about the possibility of electronic preregistration. You only need to, fill in your personal information entering our website on the Patient Information page and Patient’s Medical History form and click on the Send button.   This makes it possible to establish your monitoring group and inform you about the documents and obligatory tests needed for treatments. Welcome letter and list of documents and tests will be e-mailed to you. We need a 3 working day period for analyzing the data and for primary consultation with one of our Reproductive Gynaecology Specialists and then your first visit will be booked with all medical data electronically pre-registered.
  2. FIRST VISIT and the process of the therapy at iAssisting nature
    At the first visit you will receive a personal IVF Witness card linking all your medical data to a patient ID. After finishing it the personalized treatment plan will be automatically emailed to you. This includes stimulation schedule as well as guidelines on how to take the drugs and to prepare for procedures, with links to videos and PDF documents. During the stimulation process  all your medical  data is recorded only in EHR form. You, as well as your referral doctor will be constantly informed by e-mail or SMS (according to Assisting Nature information policy).   Before the embryo transfer you will receive PDF information about luteal phase preparation. Finishing the treatment, you will receive a detailed e-mail report that will be e-signed by the doctor and the embryologist. During the therapy you will stay in contact with your dedicated monitoring group staff as well as after finishing you will be requested to email your feedback form to us. Upon request, the movie clip from OPU, embryo-transfer or hysteroscopy procedure as well as photos of embryonic development will be recorded for you.
  3. Waiting for the pregnancy test
    The date of the pregnancy test will be sent to you (by e-mail, sms, icall etc.) followed by PDF file with information about luteal phase maintenance.