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Register of personal data in according to EU & National Data Protection Authorities

Centrally Maintained Patient Register of a Clinic and Independent Professionals

    Personal Data

    I have read and understand the information below and verified the personal data shown above.
    I approve that my patient data are stored in the central register of AN clinic, in Thessaloniki. I give my consent to the transfer of my data, if my treatment it requires, between health-care professionals who work at the Assisting Nature Thessaloniki participate in the treatment and have joined the central register(*). Without further authorization, my personal data and result of the treatments can be used in scientific research, while protecting the personal identification from the data.
    (*)during the infertility treatments it is obligatory that members of different professional groups can use your personal data during their work phase/period.

    Information in Accordance with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA) and EC Personal Data ACT (95/46) (2016/680)

    Your patient data will, based on your consent, be stored in a central register, which will be collectively maintained by the clinic and the professionals who have joined the central register. Your patient data are confidential. On the basis of your consent and related to your treatment relationship, the patient data can be used at the clinic. The data are transferred to others only on the basis of law requirements or with your permission. For further information, please contact our personnel.