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Medical Instructions about the Embryotransfer

By the day of embryo transfer we follow the medication prescribed by the treating physician. For any questions, please contact Assisting Nature IVF Unit and one of the responsible coordinators or treating physicians will answer any of your queries. On the day of embryo transfer, your bladder should be a little filled with urine to perform the procedure using ultrasound. Once the embryo transfer is complete, the attending physician or one of the responsible midwives will give you the necessary instructions for the medication to follow.

The time to pregnancy test is the most stressfull phase of the Treatment. Good psychology plays the most important role. Nonetheless, your physical activity should be reduced to half, without exaggeration. Blood spotting 4-5 days before the pregnancy test is expected and may be an indication of implantation. Driving your car is allowed and sexual intercourse should be avoided.

We wish you good luck!