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Medical Instructions after Oocyte Retrieval

Firstly, it is recommended to avoid activities that require a lot of attention and especially driving because of the anaesthesia that you have been subjected to

It is also advisable to have an escort with you during the day if you feel unwell.

It is normal to have mild abdominen pain and pain killers are allowed (up to three a day) such as paracetamol (Panadol, Depon, Apotel). Low blood spoting is expected 1-2 days after oocyte retrieval.

Contact Assisting Nature IVF Unit or your doctor if:

  • you are feverish (over 37.4)
  • severe vaginal bleeding is observed
  • you feel intense abdominal pain,
  • you feel nausea accompanied by vomiting and difficulty in urinating

Your diet should be rich in protein (fish, chicken, eggs) saltless and waterless (max. 1 liter daily), especially when many oocytes are produced.

Our embryologists will contact you the next day of the oocyte pick up to inform you about your oocyte fertilization and embryotransfer planning.