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Medical Instructions before the Oocyte Retrieval

You should be careful about the time of the final injection of Pregnyl or Ovitrelle, which should be performed 35-36 hours prior to oocyte retrieval.

1. On the day of the oocyte retrieval, you must be unfed at least six hours and at least two hours thirsty. You should also urinate before the surgery.

2. Because of the anaesthesia that you are going to be subjected to, it is advisable to avoid activities requiring attention and especially driving.

3. You should have an escort with you during the day if you feel unwell.

4. It is forbidden to drink alcohol on the day of oocyte pick up because of possible interaction with anaesthesia drugs.

5. Please inform your doctor or staff if:
• You are allergic to some medicines or substances
• You have had complications in previous surgeries that you have been subjected to.
• You are a Smoker
• You are taking medicines
• You have bleeding disorder
• You have hypertension or other health problems

6. By the day of oocyte retrieval, you must have an electrocardiogram available. In any case, you can perform one at Assisting Nature IVF Unit.

7. You should have with you a police ID or other official document necessary for identification.