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Log & Guard Alarm System

The implementation of quality control (QC) and quality management systems in IVF, andrology and cryopreservation labs is considered as a mandatory part of the guidelines and even the law. OCTAX Log & Guard™ is a monitoring and alarming system which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of quality control in A.R.T.

All critical culture and storage parameters are continuously measured and documented through a network of external sensors:
• Temperature inside incubators, fridges, freezers, liquid nitrogen storage tanks
• Ambient temperature and humidity
• Ambient VOC
• CO2 from incubators
• O2 from incubators (reduced oxygen atmosphere)
• pH of culture media (via pH Online™)

Power supply is constantly monitored in the background. In case any of the values exceeds the predefined normal range, Log & Guard™ will rise visual and audible alarms and send a text message to up to four mobile phones.

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