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Paperless IVF iClinic

Paperless IVF iClinic / iAssisting / is a digital, paperless platform established to manage the contemporary IVF Clinic.
Each one of us knows what the iStore is. Having an operating system, you can take or buy many useful applications. In the same way in the IVF iClinic you are able to choose every useful Module and introduce it into the Unit operations and practice.
The digital platform is divided into three categories :

  1. Patient interests
  2. Staff interests
  3. Quality Management System

Let’s try to illustrate the philosophy of paperless clinic using an example:Introducing the EN 15224 we are obliged to organize and monitor staff training process. Our intelligent, virtual iMeeting Module integrates all these functions with the possibility of recording the meetings, training topics, staff presences and absences and all Keynotes, PowerPoint, PDF or video presentations in the Cloud. Pressing the button on your Mac, the meeting category list is viewable allowing you to choose from trainings, clinical monitoring, general staff meetings or other categories. Old and new agendas and presentations are available there, organized by years, thematic blocks, categories, subcategories. Every clinical or scientific director is able to monitor staff presences and absences during each session and use the specific logbooks if it is necessary. Digitally signed logbooks help us stay informed about learning performances and progress of our staff. Accessibility of all training sessions and their data for doctors, nurses and all the staff are fundamental beliefs of every modern clinic.

1. Patient interests

  • iAppointment Module

    Easy to use and fully customized Online Appointment Scheduler with online Booking Calendar and Patient Registration System / demographic data form, patient’s medical history form.

  • iTherapy Module with  iAssisting Therapy Application

    Digital, electronic connection with patient who chooses iTherapy Module. Tracking system of exchanging information between patient and iClinic including therapy schedules, exams results, notifications about drugs’ administration, visits, embryo cleavage tracking system information,  prescriptions, medical statements and therapy feedback. iCloud Calendar functions include next visit, hormonal exams, triggering date and time, pregnancy test date, Pregnancy Calendar.

2.    Staff interests

Basic edition of IVF iClinic includes :

  • iRegistry Module

    Fully integrated database of patient demographic data, personal data protection consensus forms, referrals data- iTherapy Module – centralized data collection system, sharing  information between the staff,  online monitoring treatment progress system with synchronization of every type of schedule in real time, lists of every type of treatment

  • iSchedule Planner Module

    Online visits, procedures, appointment scheduler

  • iTreatment Organiser Module

    Online treatments, procedures organizer with daily, weekly or all treatment table view with tracking of hormonal results, ultrasound scans, drug doses, time of triggering, comments for patients.

  • iEmbryology Lab Module

    The Lab online  – data includes the statistics about the number and percentage of mature or immature eggs taken, the process of fertilization, cleavage, oocytes, embryos, blastocyst grading .RI IVF Witness system fully integrated with the database. RI and Miri-scope image and video clip capturing system. Logging and tracking of all laboratory supplies system

  • iSperm Lab Module

    The Lab online  – data includes the statistics about the number, quality sperm markers, DFI, Fertile, Seed results

  • iClinic Cryobank

    The Bank online – detailed data about oocytes, embryos, sperm and tissue vitrification with grading system, statistics, gametes and bank quality markers. Independent lists and notifications with freezing renewal dates.

  • Advanced edition / or you can choose every module independently / of IVF iClinic includes :

  • iDonor Module

    sophisticated module which helps you organize and manage the donation program of the clinic. Donor patient database with validation program and matching donor with recipient system

  • iSurrogate Module

    sophisticated module which helps you organize and manage the surrogate program of the clinic. Surrogate patient data base with validation program and matching donor with recipient system

  • iSocial Freezing Module

    sophisticated module which helps you organize and manage your clinic Social Freezing program. Independent lists and notifications with freezing renewal dates

  • Prescriptions Module

    Data base integrated prescription system

  • iFinancial Module

    Program that gathers financial data and generates patient invoices reports and quarterly financial  statements.

3.  Quality Management System

  • iNon Conformities Module

    Digital non conformities monitoring system is one of the most important part of the Quality Management System. The online, real time, non-conformities module provides transparency and freedom of expressing thoughts and easiness in proposing one’s own and new ideas. This online Module allows incredible synchronization and all staff information about corrective actions taken, grouped by date or department.

  • iClinic Results

    The basic quality parameters, analyses and trends are available at any time to the Quality Manager and all authorized staff. By linking and analyzing data, you can closely monitor every individual patient, and you have the ability to analyze the effectiveness of protocols, or staff members, to identify areas of weaknesses or develop strengths.

  • iMeeting Module

    Digital system created to organize and monitor staff training process, meetings with possibility of  recording them, training topics, staff presences and absences and all Keynotes, PowerPoint, PDF or video presentations in the Cloud. Viewable by categories, date, topics or thematic blocks

  • iAudit Module

    Digital assistant for internal or external auditing of your IVF Clinic based on EN15224:2012  standards. Audits planning, inputs, stages, implementation, monitoring, conclusions, recommendations.

  • Job Evaluation Module

    Web based easily accessible, digital and transparent job performance  evaluation system with electronic questionnaire which supports the anonymity of corresponding employees as well as aggregated results available only to QMS team.

PERSONALIZED REPRODUCTIVE THERAPY in Assisting NatureTreatments start with a primary appointment referred to as the “initial meeting”. This includes:

  1. A meeting with the Centre’s Reproduction specialist, briefing on the services provided, and information concerning the medical and legal prerequisites for any of the provided infertility treatments.
  2. An introductory meeting with the Embryologist and the Midwife Coordinator of the Center upon request.

The “Initial Meeting” is offered free of charge.

We inform you that since the couple is set on starting their treatment at Assisting Nature, and their medical file is complete, the initial meeting may advance to the second stage, “Chosing the appropriate IVF treatment” , which includes:

  1. Ultrasound check of the female reproductive organs
  2. Definition and analysis of the infertility factors
  3. Suggest any additional tests and/or procedures
  4. Selection of an individualized method of infertility treatment
  5. Suggest an Economic Therapy Package / Assisting Nature IVF PACKAGES® /
  6. Complete the couple’s medical file and select the monitoring group

All couples are welcome to participate in afternoon sessions programmed to familiarize them with the area and the procedures, in workshops with our Psychologists, and consultative meetings with our Dietician. In each case the first meeting is free. If a Hysteroscopy investigation of the endometrial cavity, the “Advanced Office Hysteroscopy”, is considered necessary, it is planned at least one cycle before starting IVF procedure.

Our Centre offers a counseling session before starting an IVF treatment, with leading geneticists so as to inform the couple about the Pre-implantation Diagnosis advantages (PGS) and about the diagnostic method choices for any congenital or hereditary diseases that prospective parents may be carriers of.

Prior to beginning an IVF treatment, according to the existing legislation, both partners must be tested for:

  1. Infectious diseases: HbsAg, anti-HIV, anti-HCV, VDRL (valid for 6 months)
  2. Blood type / Rh / complete blood count.
  3. The patient undergoing a procedure must have a recent HCG

Our Center can perform all of the tests mentioned above in PACKAGE OFFERS 7-9 / assisting nature IVF Packages / if the patients can’t or do not wish to use their health insurance. You can find the required examinations and necessary documents for your infertility treatment (here).

Starting IVF treatment

Treatment begins with an ultrasound scan / 1-2 days prior to menstruation or on the first day of menstruation / in order for the doctor to confirm the beginning and the protocol of the cycle.

From this moment on, there are going to be frequent / every 3-4 days / ultrasound scans and hormonal blood tests / E2, LH, Pg / till egg retrieval. Our patients may use Packages Offers 7 – 9 such as “Package In vitro Plus®” which covers extra hormonal blood tests, ultrasound scans and the cost of the anesthesia. We advise patients freezing their eggs or embryos to consider the “FreezeFreedom®” Package which offers 5 years of cryopreservation with an advance payment of only 3 years.

You can find information and guidelines concerning egg retrieval (here).


Responding to our patients’ need for egg collection, we offer innovative packages of our services, such as “Package In vitro 2 in one®” and “Package natural cycle 3 in one®” which provide :

  1. 1-2 cycles of ovulation induction, egg retrieval, and cryopreservation using the egg vitrification method. This process is called egg collection.
  2. Ovulation induction and egg retrieval while thawing the eggs frozen from previous cycles, and then fertilization of them all with the ICSI method.
  3. 3-day or 5-day embryo cultivation / blastocyst stage / which is to be decided by a team of doctors and embryologists (in case of cultivation to the stage of a blastocyst, there is no price differentiation)
  4. Embryo transfer

These Packages were created for patients where, due to poor response, more eggs must be retrieved and put through PGS/PGD or bastocyst culture. The Packages are an appealing offer as they display high cumulative pregnancy rates and resolve certain infertility issues.

The offer requires an advance in payment.

The “Package Mini IVF®” is of interest to patients who desire very mild medication, with small to minimal doses of drugs, aiming to have a smooth and almost natural maturation of their eggs, and good quality embryos. Women with health issues which prohibit a more aggressive induction of ovulation are also in this category. You can get more information on minimal stimulation (here).

Guidelines and information for before and after the embryotransfer can be found (here).

Regardless of the Package offers, our Centre offers a 10% discount on a second full IVF treatment at Assisting Nature and 20% in case of a third full IVF treatment.

We wish you all have a successfull outcome !

Your opinion counts. We welcome your contribution to better our services by filling in the “Patients feedback” form which can be found (here).

For more information and updates find us on Facebook, LinkedIn or read our BLOG.